Powerhive offers key tools and services for implementing profitable rural electrification projects in energy access markets around the world. Our technology platform is ideal for energy providers and developers of any size, and can be integrated with new projects or as a retrofit for existing mini-grids. As a complement to our technology platform, our experienced team can assist businesses with every step of development, deployment, and operations. We are the partner of choice for project developers, utilities, government agencies and other organizations that require scalable, profitable electricity solutions in under-served or off-grid areas.

Mini-grid operations management

Our cloud-based technology platform performs automated mini-grid management operations and gives energy providers total control anytime and anywhere. Powerhive clients benefit from streamlined account management and payment processing, secure single-client databases, data management and protection, and tools that allow operators to optimize performance and maximize revenue. Our user-friendly platform can be customized to meet the unique needs of any mini-grid energy provider, and our team is always available to offer technical support. We simplify mini-grid operations and reduce overhead so you can focus on growing your business and providing quality service.


Market feasibility study

Conducting a rigorous feasibility study before penetrating an energy access market is one of the most important steps in minimizing investment risk. Our research team employs a well-tested framework to guide the analysis of dozens of market factors. It is usually necessary to visit the region under study in order to complement existing data with new primary research. Our analysts know what to look for and are sensitive to the idiosyncrasies that characterize energy access markets. In addition to providing you with a comprehensive feasibility report, we can recommend strategies for further risk mitigation.

Site identification and selection

We can rapidly identify the best mini-grid locations by using our proprietary SWARM software to remotely analyze sites based on financial, technical, and geospatial data. Whether an electrification project is for a single village or a large region, we can provide detailed site analyses that are ranked based on profit potential. When it’s time for ground-truthing and customer acquisition, our software will streamline the process so that your team can work quickly and efficiently.

Turn-key pilot deployments

Even with a comprehensive feasibility assessment, there is no substitute for a real market test. For markets that vary significantly from those with existing Powerhive systems, we strongly recommend implementing a pilot project to confirm whether the market is a good fit, and overcome any technical or logistical challenges before deploying a large-scale project. In our experience, pilot projects save considerable time and money over the long term. We can provide the necessary mini-grid equipment and oversee implementation of the pilot project from start to finish. Throughout the duration of the pilot, we provide detailed performance analyses and recommendations for improving deployment and increasing revenue.

Design services

Off-grid systems have different requirements than traditional power grids. We can design generation and distribution systems to meet a variety of customer and regulatory needs, and our modular designs allow systems to easily be expanded or grid-tied if desired. We have also developed turnkey electrical system references for a range of mini-grid sizes.

Customer acquisition

Our customer acquisition methods have been successfully field-tested and include sales materials, legal agreements, and processes to efficiently sign up large numbers of dependable customers with substantial electricity demand. In addition to residential customers, we target existing businesses that can boost revenue by transitioning to electricity and entrepreneurs who need electricity to start new businesses.

Procurement and logistics

Sourcing mini-grid equipment that is dependable, yet competitively priced can be a challenge. We have established relationships with best-in-class suppliers and can assist in procuring the requisite components for building a mini-grid that can always be counted on to perform well. Construction delays are costly, and our knowledge about relevant supply chain logistics will ensure that equipment is delivered on time so your project can stay on schedule.

On-site training

Building a mini-grid business that is sustainable over the long term requires operators who know how to make optimal use of Powerhive’s software and are familiar with the operational realities associated with mini-grid management. In addition, field technicians who provide competent customer service and equipment maintenance are essential. Our training programs ensure that all operations personnel have the skills they need to operate successful mini-grid businesses.