Building the utility company of the future

Powerhive develops scalable, bankable off-grid utility solutions to create a future where everyone has access to clean energy and the opportunities that come with it

The revolution will not be centralized.

Powerhive’s modular mini-grid systems leverage our proprietary technology stack, design expertise and adaptive business processes. We enable remote communities to leapfrog over outdated power infrastructure and into the future with stable electricity and fast internet

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Off-grid utility services

Powerhive offers robust tools and services for implementing profitable off-grid utility projects. We act as lead developer or work in partnership with energy providers and governments to integrate our platform into new projects, as a retrofit for existing mini-grids, or at the edge of the national grid to create more efficient and resilient energy infrastructure

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Purpose-built technology

With granular insight into system performance, revenue streams and consumption patterns, and the ability to rapidly acquire suitable sites and customers, Powerhive’s proprietary technology platform is engineered to penetrate and scale in emerging energy markets

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Pricah Otienio


"Let us all embrace this power that has come to us!"

Peter Otete


"Before we had this electricity I made very little money.
Now I have tripled my income using an electric lathe!"

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