by Webmaster
July 29, 2014

Asali is a stand-alone distributed metering system designed to service a small cluster of customers. As many units as necessary can be placed on a single mini-grid to accommodate communities of any size, and centralized metering systems lower total system cost. Every Asali meter performs commands that come from central Honeycomb servers, making it easy to change parameters across thousands of customers and scale operations.


Disconnect circuits

Asali’s circuits can be remotely connected or disconnected via Honeycomb, giving companies the ability to offer flexible payment models and ensure a sustainable revenue stream.


Power levels

Asali is capable of accurately and efficiently metering very small loads and larger, light-commercial loads to ensure all revenue is captured.


Monitoring & control

Each meter is equipped with independent wireless communication hardware that supports a continuous data stream between Asali and Honeycomb. Asali transmits equipment performance and energy consumption data, while receiving credit balance and pricing data, load balancing and prioritization commands, and other important information.


Theft detection

Multiple levels of theft detection and prevention have been implemented through Powerhive’s specially designed mini-grid architecture and unique features of the Asali meter. Alerts are sent to operators and affected customers in case of theft.