Powerhive Adds Leonardo DiCaprio and Lord Gregory Barker as Inaugural Advisory Board Members

by Rik
December 14, 2015

Berkeley, CA – Powerhive, an energy solutions provider for emerging markets, announced today the formation of its strategic advisory board, with the addition of Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, producer, and environmental activist, and Lord Gregory Barker, former member of British Parliament and Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change. They will work together with Powerhive on its mission to deliver renewable energy to the planet’s 1.4 billion people who have no access to reliable electricity.

Powerhive’s renewable microgrid technologies supply affordable, reliable, and productive solar electricity to rural communities in the developing world. This provides long-term, scalable solutions for sustainable economic development in some of the world’s poorest communities. It also helps ensure greater energy security and resilience against extreme weather events caused by climate change.

“We have the ability to transition our world to 100% clean, renewable energy, using existing techniques, within our lifetime. I am proud to support technologies like those developed by Powerhive that are at the forefront of the trend to move away from fossil fuels. This is an important and real step in our fight against climate change,” said DiCaprio. “Powerhive’s efforts will allow hundreds-of-millions of people to benefit from energy access – improving their quality of life without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.”

DiCaprio, in his role as a UN Messenger of Peace and through his philanthropic efforts with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, supports innovative efforts to build a more sustainable world, while raising consciousness of environmental issues.

“The historic global agreement to tackle climate change that was announced in Paris will give added impetus and urgency to our already ambitious plans to bring clean, zero carbon electricity to off-grid communities in the developing world,” said Lord Barker. “Part of my role as an advisor will be to ensure Powerhive’s strategic expansion and critical infrastructure solutions work well with the plans and aspirations for energy access of a whole range of countries across the global South.”

“The agreement at COP 21 is a momentous step but the real work starts now, with businesses, entrepreneurs, activists and innovators stepping up with 21st century solutions,” said Powerhive CEO Christopher Hornor. “We’re thrilled to have Greg and Leo on the team. Their vision and pragmatic determination to protect the environment aligns with our mission to offer concrete, scalable solutions to energy poverty and climate change.”

Powerhive deploys its microgrid portfolios in partnership with global utilities and energy providers. The company’s flagship project, currently under development, will serve approximately 90,000 people in western Kenya. The project is a major milestone that will be a blueprint for future energy access projects in developing countries.

About Powerhive

Founded in 2011, Powerhive is a leading microgrid solutions provider and developer whose proprietary technology platform and business model enables the development, financing, and management of bankable solar microgrids in emerging markets. The California based company has offices in Nairobi and Manila, and has a strong investor base that includes companies such as First Solar.

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