A scalable, sustainable approach to bring rural communities in emerging markets into the 21st century.


If energy fuels an economy, connectivity brings it to life. Together, energy and connectivity form the foundation for economic progress and enable a combination of vital services to be delivered to the world’s rural villages, transforming them into hubs of modern commerce and prosperity.

The Connected Village is equipped with a plentiful supply of productive electricity, high-speed network connectivity, adequate sanitation and healthcare services, tailored educational content, financial services, and access to useful, current information designed to increase productivity.

The business case for the Connected Village is strong, and the long-term opportunity is enormous. A unique partnership across sectors and disciplines to join Powerhive in deploying the Connected Village across rural communities globally presents an outstanding growth opportunity.





One of the biggest impediments to 
socio-economic development in emerging markets is the lack of access to basic services such as electricity, water, healthcare and internet.

At the core of The Connected Village ecosystem is Powerhive’s unique microgrid platform, which supplies the reliable, affordable power necessary to deploy a suite of vital services.

grid-enabled sandwich

Curated information & education resources

Free, local access to e-books, Wikipedia, online education, agricultural data and other information

Affordable devices & services
Smart devices, insurance, and financial services can be provided or leased based on user data

Community services
Electricity and data enable critical services like potable water, telemedicine and security lighting

High speed, low cost internet access
Leveraging the microgrid infrastructure to provide high-bandwidth data and wifi hotspots

Productive electricity
The Powerhive micogrid provides each community with reliable, affordable AC electricity

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Unlike other off-grid electricity providers, Powerhive sizes its microgrids to power productive uses. Productive power is a prerequisite for rural communities to improve their standards of living and grow their economies. Powerhive makes income-generating activities such as agro-food processing, irrigation, and light manufacturing possible.

As energy consumption grows to meet the increasing demand of rural economies, Powerhive’s modular systems can be easily retrofitted with additional generation, storage, and distribution capacity so that communities are never limited by their energy supply.

Business case

Even those without electricity access consume and pay for energy in some form, such as diesel, kerosene, biofuels, or disposable batteries. Powerhive displaces these energy sources with clean electricity – a lower cost, higher quality, and more convenient alternative.

Commercial customers and telecom base stations are reliable anchor loads whose consistent and relatively high consumption ensures a continuous revenue stream and makes it possible to supply electricity to low-income households.

Human impact

  • Mechanical power increases the efficiency and effectiveness of productive activities that meet basic human needs
  • Solar microgrids displace energy sources that emit toxic pollutants, resulting in better health and quality of life.
  • Refrigeration allows vaccines to be stocked locally. Farmers grow higher value crops and store them in refrigerators until they can be sold at an adequate price. Food safety is improved and new business opportunities in food-service are created.
  • Affordable electricity frees income for consumption.




A 10% increase in broadband internet access would boost economic growth in low and middle income countries by 1.38 percentage points.– The World Bank

Without a reliable electricity supply, most rural areas lack network connectivity. Powerhive electricity allows base stations to operate inexpensively so that high-speed wireless internet can be delivered within The Connected Village. Connectivity is achieved in partnership with mobile network operators and internet service providers, leveraging Powerhive’s microgrid infrastructure and deployment model. Finally, colocation services can support rapid and efficient network expansion.

Business case

Broadband internet access allows a suite of marketable services to be delivered, including telemedicine, information and learning resources, and financial services. Further, Connected Village partners use networks to collect a rich data stream of customer information that can be used to market new products and services. Broadband can be rapidly deployed across large regions, and the marginal cost is very low.

Human impact

Internet access has proven to drive economic growth and increase rural incomes through access to weather forecasts, crop prices, and farming techniques, for example. Access to information and learning resources empowers women and contributes to high quality primary education. Finally, the internet has become the most important medium for learning, culture, entertainment, and the exchange of ideas.






Given an energy supply and network connectivity, vital community services including telemedicine, clean water, and street lighting can be readily deployed in partnership with third-party service providers and EPC contractors. Telemedicine practitioners remotely provide medical services using mobile and data networks. Telemedicine includes electronic medical records, medicine supply management (to prevent shortages), and consultations.

Business case

Telemedicine and clean water generate direct revenue streams and drive economic growth, which leads to greater consumption of other Connected Village services.

Telemedicine is a highly efficient means of delivering quality care, and helps close the gap between cost of service and patients’ ability to pay.

Farmers are willing to pay for water to irrigate their crops because their yields will increase and they can grow a broader range of crops.

Human impact

With telemedicine, patients no longer need to travel for hours to reach the nearest doctor and wait in long lines once they arrive. Further, it increases access by reducing barriers and resulting in far more care per dollar spent.

Clean water reduces transmission of disease and eases the burden of carrying water long distances, which is typically borne by women.

Street lighting reduces incidence of theft, robberies, and rape.




Safe savings facilities, payment services, access to credit, and reliable insurance mechanisms enable poor households to reduce vulnerability by smoothing consumption and mitigating risks. Because rural income cycles are particularly volatile, financial intermediation is especially important to shift purchasing power over time, as well as between net savers and net investors or spenders at any given time.– The World Bank

Network connectivity gives Connected Village residents the opportunity to thrive, but in order to fully access the world’s knowledge and resources, they need smart devices. These products are critical for efficiently delivering financial products and services that power economic development. We partner with hardware providers to finance low-cost smart devices to Connected Village residents based on electricity consumption data – a proxy indicator of creditworthiness.

Business case

There is vast unmet demand for technology and for financial products and services in emerging markets. By leveraging mobile computing, network connectivity, and Powerhive’s unique customer acquisition methodology, credit and insurance can be extended to customers with very low marginal costs. Customer accounts can be easily tracked, helping to prevent fraud, and customer data collected by smart phones can be used to predict risk and establish creditworthiness.




Curated resources We partner with content providers such as MIT, Khan Academy, Reuters, and McGraw Hill, to provide a selection of useful, up-to-date content that is curated specifically for its intended regional audience.

A proprietary system embedded in the microgrid power room regularly downloads content from source servers and stores it on local servers. The system manages access, letting users browse, save, and share content.

The wifi-based Local Area Network running on top of the microgrid is used to access content. Only Powerhive customers have access, which is free as part of their basic subscription and does not require customers to have an Internet connection.

Customers access the content using their own tablets and smartphones (procured through financing) or tablets owned by a local school or business.



Human impact

Primary education

Existing primary school curricula are complemented with a rage of learning resources for the classroom or independent study.

Skills development

Farmers learn how to boost crop yields & micro-enterprise owners learn to operate their businesses more efficiently.

Vital information for business

Cash crop farmers, for example, increase income by using data such as commodity prices, weather forecasts, and findings from the latest farming research to inform practices.





Based on a micro-finance program at its pilot sites, Powerhive has established business cases for viable new businesses. Powerhive and its partners can empower Connected Village residents to grow their incomes by taking advantage of:

  • Equipment kits for new businesses:
    Powerhive can provide “starter kits” that include all of the necessary equipment to open a new business. Equipment may include incubation materials for a chicken hatchery, electric razors and hair dryers for a hair salon, or refrigerators for a snack shop or butcher.
  • Training and support:
    Business training and assistance with bookkeeping, finding suppliers, and getting materials to market will position micro-financed businesses for success.








Powerhive is establishing a network of partners to make the Connected Village a reality. Together, we can catalyze unprecedented socio-economic change, while gaining a competitive advantage in the 21st century’s frontier markets.


  • Governments are eager to support and award concessions for such projects because of their considerable socio-economic impact.
  • The deployment model leverages capital efficiently and ensures new projects are rapidly developed.
  • Powerhive’s data-driven model provides real-time usage and profile data, which proves the business case to potential investors and partners.


  • Access to a huge untapped customer base
  • The Powerhive platform informs sound business decisions that are based on advanced data analytics.
  • Build enduring relationships with customers whose demand for services will increase over time.
  • Increase brand value by working at the leading edge of innovation in creating a social impact in emerging markets.


  • Strong IRR demonstrated by 3 years of pilot project data, which reflects a thorough understanding of consumer needs, behavior, and technical realities.
  • The Connected Village is deeply integrated in the lives of customers, which protects against competition.

Telecom operators

  • Rapid expansion of Mobile Money customer base, greater payment volume, and increased voice ARPU.
  • Leveraging Powerhive’s grid infrastructure for data services obviates the need for base station upgrades.
  • The Powerhive microgrid already has land access and can provide co-location options including power and backhaul for low-cost rural base stations, enabling effective proliferation of rural mobile networks.
  • Reliable, affordable power supply to existing BTS


  • By supporting Connected Village projects, governments can help raise their constituents’ living standards and accelerate economic development.




Next steps:

  • Deploy a pilot project to prove concept
  • Expand network of Connected Village partners & develop regional-scale projects in multiple countries
  • Implement the Connected Village as part of Powerhive’s core offering

What can you do?

  • Invest in $100M project equity fund or $250M project debt facility
  • Become telecom, agriculture, or other commercial anchor customer
  • Provide educational content & information services as a partner
  • Lobby government to provide support & facilitate expedient roll-out



Get in touch to learn more and join us in making the Connected Village a reality.