What an Energy Renaissance in California Means for Powerhive

by Webmaster
July 27, 2014

Why Solar City and Tesla are going to replace your utility” is the title of an article published by Quartz not too long ago that points to a potential renaissance in the way California homes and businesses receive electricity.

The article reports that SolarCity has started offering Tesla made battery storage systems along with their solar panel installations as a response to the increasing number of customers who want to go off-grid entirely. Declining solar and battery costs, rising electricity rates, and new financing options are making it so that going off-grid is a good economic decision for many homes and businesses.

If combined solar generation and battery storage systems are the future of electricity production in top tier energy markets such as in California, this is a strong indication that Powerhive’s model will be viable over the long term, even as our customers climb to the top of the energy ladder.

People in California want to save money and take advantage of stable energy prices by going off-grid. By using solar microgrids with battery storage, Powerhive is able to supply inexpensive energy that is not susceptible to oil and gas price volatility, while taking advantage of the economies of scale afforded by microgrids in contrast with individual household units.